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Coloursure 2 Solvent Inks

Atlantic have released its new ColourSure 2 high performance solvent inks which have been developed specifically for use with all Roland Pro 4, XF-640, XR-640, RF-640 and VersaCAMM VSi series printers. Atlantic will supply this as a direct alternative to Roland Eco Sol Max II products.

ColourSure2 inks have been formulated to be colour compatible with the
Eco Sol Max II OEM inks and are a very close match for both shade and strength. ColourSure is currently available in 7 colours including CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta and our new Light Black. ColourSure 2 Yellow ink has also been modified to match the Roland ink precisely.

One of the main benefits of ColourSure 2 is that it has been specifically formulated to print with a reduced odour as an improvement over other products, a significant advantage for customers who work in confined working conditions.

ColourSure 2 inks will be available in 1 litre bottles for use with our approved bulk ink feed systems and also in 440ml cartridges packaging. Additionally the drying properties of ColourSure are consistent with the OEM products and therefore standard drying temperatures should be the same.

During 2016 Atlantic are offering a free of charge complete conversion package to new users, which includes one Preventative Maintenance service, complete inking system and print head clean and flush and profiling service to ensure the maximum performance and quality from the printer.