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Ricoh PRO L4100

The perfect solution in latex printers

Ricoh L4100
Ricoh L4100


Hugely versatile, the Pro L4100 printers can produce a wide variety of display material in high-quality colour for both indoor and outdoor applications. Incorporating the latest Ricoh GEN5 print heads the Pro L4100 series uses patented multi drop jetting technology, creating droplets as small as four picoliters, resulting in smoother colour gradation. What’s more, thanks to the addition of orange and green inks, you’ll also benefit from brighter images as well as a greater colour gamut with up to 93% of the Pantone® range achieved.


The Pro L4100 Series uses Ricoh’s advanced eco-friendly, durable, quick drying latex inks, which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The anti-fade qualities are reliable and weatherproof to last up to two years in most conditions. Ricoh Latex Ink cartridges are reusable to reduce waste and reduce ongoing ink costs.

The benefits of printing with Ricoh AR Latex inks will be significant for your business. The increased printing speed of up to 33sq metres an hour with the Ricoh Pro L4100 printer, added to the media being cured, dry and ready for immediate use as it exits the printer will increase production by anything up to 70%, plus the environmental and quality benefits which comes from water based vibrant colour inks with the ability to print with Green, Orange and White inks will prove a successful combination for your business.

Specific Features & Benefits

  • Wider Colour Gamut in 6 Colour
  • Print with White ink
  • Print on most industry media types
  • AR Latex Inks produce fast & effective Dry to Dry Drying
  • No Degassing required increasing turnaround of jobs
  • Eco-friendly and fast curing with water based inks
  • Print speeds up to 33sq metres an hour
  • Smoother colour graduations with variable dot
  • Variable drop sizes to reduce ink usage
  • No Optimizer required unlike other latex printers
  • No Solvent venting or odours
  • No changing of Print Heads every few litres of ink as is necessary with other latex printers
  • Rear loading to reduce media wastage
  • Low energy and power consumption


The Pro L4100 will print on a wide variety of media inclusive film, textile, vinyl, and paper. For those companies that are looking to increase their vehicle wrapping business the quality and flexibility gained with the use of Ricoh’s Latex inks will significantly increase productivity. With a maximum printer output of up to 33sq/m per hour, and with the added bonus of almost instantaneous drying, thanks to the built-in heat unit which delivers best class productivity.

Cleaner and safer with low VOCs means no special ventilation is required, making the installation and operation of the Ricoh Pro L4100 Series latex printer easier and safer.

Ricoh GEN5 print heads create droplet as small as four picoliters.
Ricoh L4100
Ricoh GEN5 print heads create droplet as small as four picoliters.

Reusable Latex Ink Cartridge

Ricoh ink cartridges can be used repeatedly by simply replacing the inner ink pack of each cartridge. Eco-cartridge methodology helps to reduce inks and waste cost.

Ink Cartridge Configurations

4 – Colour 2 x CMYK
6 – Colour 1 x CMYK, Orange, Green
6 – Colour + White 1 x CMYK, Orange, Green + 2 x White

The Green and Orange inks enable approximately 93% of Pantone colour chart to be matched. The Pro L4100 prints three layers in one pass.

Eco-friendly, durable latex inks suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Reusable ink cartridges reduce waste.

A maximum output of 33sqm/hr.

Drying is almost instantaneous.


Latex Printer

4, 6 & 6+W Colours

Ink Configurations
CMYK | CMYK Orange & Green | CMYK Orange & Green + White

L4130 Max Paper Size
1361mm (w)

L4160 Max Paper Size
1620mm (w)

Printer Speed

900 – 1200 dpi

L4130 (216kg) – L4160 (231kg)

L4130 Dimensions
2634mm (w) x 854mm (d) x 1435mm (h)

L4160 Dimensions
2879mm (w) x 854mm (d) x 1435mm (h)

Ricoh Software RIP’s

Connectivity Options
USB connection (5 metres recommended)

Ricoh L4100
Ricoh L4100
Ricoh L4100
Ricoh L4100
Ricoh L4100